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This course brings a unique blend of knowledge from what might be considered two different industries, healthcare with John Zelem, MD. and manufacturing with Jim Zelem. Although they are more alike from a business perspective than not alike. These authors are "in the trenches" experts with many combined years of experience in the business of their respective fields. They have experienced what they teach.


When we consider business as a whole, including healthcare, it's common for organizations to spend a significant amount of time, effort, and money fixing recurring problems. They often prioritize urgent matters and may overlook important ones. This course presents a simple methodology that can be easily implemented and put into practice. The concepts and practical elements are explained in simple language, supported by real-life experiences.

Urgent vs. Important

Throughout this course you will learn how to change your thinking from always dealing with the urgent problems and work on what is really important by utilizing a simple methodology that is explained in detailed steps.

Streamline Your Process

Streamline your process by instituting prevention. So much time, energy, effort, and revenue is spent on constantly correcting problems and challenges, a one-time event. Prevention is a one-time solution, but must remain fluid in relation to changes that may occur.


Organizational silos are good and bad but must be rebuilt with a holistic integrator for knowledge sharing, cross-functionality, interoperability, and more. The human body knew how to do it, you can learn to also.

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